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Home Clean Home specializes in working with all types of hoarders. With nearly two decades of experience with long term managed care recipients and other city agencies, our teams are well-versed on the wishes and needs of our customers. Our team is available to work regular hours, nights or weekends to accommodate any schedule.

Regardless of what type of hoarder our customer may be, Home Clean Home offers a proven system that has transformed the lives of thousands of hoarders:

  • The most important aspect of our service is our vow of confidentiality. When conducting an assessment we will not alert landlords, superintendents or neighbors to our presence and arrive in an unmarked car.
  • Consult one one one with our customer to determine their goals and to hear their wishes.
  • Differentiate between garbage and items of value. Bag all garbage.
  • With any necessary guidance from our customer, collect all garbage bags and remove at one time in an indiscreet manner.
  • Collect items of value and place in a safe environment during cleaning.
  • Conduct heavy duty cleaning of premises including odor elimination.
  • Repair of all household items in disrepair including painting, structure damage, carpet shampoo or removal, etc.
  • Transport items of value to storage or build shelves, bring filing cabinets and other means of organization. We can organize with our customers.
  • Send a maid once a week for upkeep.
  • Provide cleaning supplies and guidance for regular maintenance.

Types of Hoarders

Trash Hoarder

Trash hoarders are identified by their inability to dispose of trash or rubbish that most people would remove from their apartment. This includes beer bottles & cans, food delivery & take away items. This often leads to the introduction of pests such as roaches, mice and rats that feed off the excess garbage.


  • Hoarding beer bottles and beer cans
  • Hoarding Chinese take out
  • Hoarding pizza boxes
  • Hoarding liquor bottles
  • Hoarding trash

Garbage Collector

Garbage collectors believe that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." They roam the streets and collect items that others have discarded. One major problem that garbage hoarders face is the introduction of bed bugs.


  • Hoarding used furniture
  • Hoarding antiques
  • Hoarding garbage
  • Hoarding clutter

Book & Magazine Hoarder

A Book & Magazine Hoarder is a firm believer in keeping some or any printed items.


  • Hoarding books
  • Hoarding magazines
  • Hoarding newspapers
  • Hoarding TV guides

Mail Hoarder

Mail Hoarders are unwilling to dispose of old bills or any mail notification.


  • Hoarding utility bills
  • Hoarding credit card statements
  • Hoarding old checks


Shopping Hoarder

Shopping Hoarders are typically compulsive shoppers. It becomes impossible to throw away any purchased items and they collect to the point of immense clutter.


  • Hoarding clothes
  • Home shopping item hoarders
  • Antique hoarders

Simple Hoarder

Simple Hoarders are prone to saving anything with perceived sentimental value.


  • Hoarding photo albums
  • Hoarding children's school work and art work
  • Hoarding toys

Collector Hoarder

Collector Hoarders often have a very unique and specific type of item in their house that are often collector's items.


  • Hoarding stamps and stamp books
  • Hoarding VHS tapes and hoarding DVDs
  • Hoarding souvenirs

Animal Hoarder

Animal Hoarders have homes with excessive amounts of pets. This form of hoarding presents its challenges as pets are the hoarders' companion. This often brings stains and odor from animal feces, fleas, and ticks.


  • Dog hoarders
  • Cat hoarders
  • Pet hoarders
  • Bird hoarders

Home Clean Home will transform the home of any hoarder into an immaculately clean dwelling with all valuables and personal items neatly and safely accounted for in an organized fashion.

Visualize hosting your next Thanksgiving dinner with all of your friends and loved ones in your home. Your cherished possessions are neatly organized and structured. Everything is safely and neatly placed and accounted for. Your house is immaculately clean and your fixtures and appliances are functioning. For compulsive hoarders this is an appealing but insurmountable dream. Hoarding brings an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Home Clean Home can make this dream your reality.

customers include:
VNS, SHP, CCM, HRA, ACS, The NY Housing Authority, Attorneys, Court Guardians, Social workers, Holocaust survivors and their families, eviction cases, and violations removal.

Esther Cohen Busel, Manager
Babies' Home

Asher Warman, Director of Development
Women's League Community Residences

Nechama Wise, Case Worker
Ezer L'Cholim Project

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