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Animal Hoarding

Solution To Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding occurs when one has an unusually high amount of domestic pets and is therefore, not able to fully care for or house them properly. The City of New York only allows five pets per household. Many times, people find their pets to be their greatest companions, have rescued many animals, and over the years bring in more and more into their homes. However, as the pets begin to add up, they begin overrunning the house and create problems not only for their owners, but for themselves too. It is likely that they have made a habit of urinating and defecating in all areas of the house and destroyed furniture. Overtime, the smell of the animal droppings causes for a lingering oder that saturates the walls, furniture, and carpet.

Another common result of animal hoarding includes lack of proper medical care. There are times when animals get lost in the house due to their hiding tendencies and finding them becomes increasingly difficult. In some cases, owners have not been able to find their loved pets in weeks and in other cases, the pets sadly die somewhere in the house and since they have not been seen for a period of time, their bodies decompose in the home.

When this is the outcome, it is unfair for the pet to be neglected, regardless of how much they are loved and cared for, it is simply difficult to keep up with the needs of our pets when there are too many to care for.

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We will help locate homes for the pets and even take photographs and place advertisements to help find a new owner. Additionally, we'll call family members who would consider taking them in so that you can be assured of their new home. It is important to understand that we will never make any decisions about your pets without your permission first. We attend to the wishes of the clients throughout each part of the process. Our goal is to improve their lives while allowing you to live yours. For more information on our procedures, click here.

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