Commercial Cleaning Services:  


Home Clean Home provides professional commercial cleaning services in NYC for businesses of all kinds. We strive to create a pristine working environment for businesses where productivity can flourish. Let us handle all of our commercial cleaning needs, so you can focus on running a successful business.


Our Commercial Cleaning Services:

No city in America can benefit more from the Home Clean Home Commercial Cleaning Services than NYC. There is a large population of businesses of all sizes, and more are opening up every day. Our  New York commercial cleaning services are well-rounded and flexible enough to be able to address the needs of any business, no matter what its specialization or needs. By choosing Home Clean Home’s commercial cleaning services, your workplace will be a pristine environment where business can thrive.


Services Include:

  • Dusting air vents and ceiling fans

  • Carpet vacuuming\spot cleaning

  • Sweeping/mopping tiles/hardwood

  • Bathroom cleaning

  • Furniture and upholstery treatment

  • Wiping down windows and blinds

  • Kitchen/Break Room maintenance

  • Rubbish removal



Where We Clean:

With Home Clean Home’s commercial cleaning services, NYC businesses of all types can be maintained in their best condition. We have experience cleaning everything from office buildings to retail stores, and more! Restaurants, diners, and even coffee shops can benefit from our New York commercial cleaning services, as well as places of worship. Hospitals and medical facilities that need to be sanitized on a 24 hour basis can rely on Home Clean Home to keep things safe and orderly. The Home Clean Home team can even clean up schools, summer camps, or day care centers.

We offer our Commercial Cleaning Services to:

●      Office and Commercial Buildings

●      Schools and Day Care Facilities

●      Places of Worship

●      Retail Stores

●      Hospitals and Medical Facilities

●      Gyms and Fitness Centers

●      Car dealerships

●      Restaurants


Our Methods:

Home Clean Home always uses non-toxic cleaning products and environementally conscious cleaning methods for every job. This way, we can ensure our clients a safe working environment that’s easy to breathe in, while keeping the building’s carbon footprint low. Our New York commercial cleaning team understands the importance of going green, as well as the importance of a thorough clean. Home Clean Home never misses a spot, and every inch of the workplace will receive a highly detailed cleaning.   

Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services:


When routine commercial cleaning isn’t enough, Home Clean Home offers specialty commercial cleaning services to NYC businesses that need a little extra detail. If tile grout and mildew is a problem, our Power Washing Services can do the trick! While vacuuming and spot cleaning carpets can help keep the carpet clean, our Carpet Shampoo Services are always recommended to ensure carpets get a deep clean that will help them stay fresher for longer. We also offer heavy duty cleaning services and professional organization help for businesses that may have accumulated just a bit too much stuff.


Specialty Services:

●      Power Washing/Grout Removal

●      Carpet Shampoo Services

●      Heavy Duty Cleaning

●      Professional Organizing

●      Handyman & Repair Services

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