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Compulsive collectors are those who collect certain items and compulsively hoard them in their homes. Similar to compulsive shoppers, compulsive collectors fill their entire homes with the collection of items. These items are continuously purchased in an unusual or unexplainable way. Sometimes, there is a purpose for the accumulation and these particular possessions and there is a compulsive need to acquire them. Items can include: paintings, stamps, baseball cards, or video games for instance. Over the years, it becomes a consuming disorder and the collection takes over ones home, ones life, and its size becomes hard to manage.

There are a number of reasons why people are compulsive collectors. In some cases, particular objects are collected in order to preserve certain memories and escape back to them. Living in the past in this kind of way becomes a future problem when our possessions replace the loved ones in our lives. We wholeheartedly understand how important these collections are.

They are collected with passion and are valuable assets in a hoarders life. The thought of getting rid of these assets sounds terrifying and it important to note that this is not what we do. We have a special method where we help sort through and organize collections in a way where they are reduced into a more manageable size. It is likely that one's collection is redundant and that you have more than you can enjoy.

Solution For Compulsive Collectors

We use a unique and particular method to assist in the elimination process. We provide proper care and allow your possessions to be managed in a way where they can be showcased and displayed. Our primary focus is on the needs of the client and we would never make a decision about your possessions without your full approval. For the items that you wish not to keep, we can photograph them and help place them online so that they can be sold for top dollar amounts. Once our job is completed, we can assure you that you will have a collection you take pride in and allow for the prized possessions to shine.

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