Handicap Shower Bar Installation

Safety Grab Bar For The Shower

Having a handicap shower bar installation done in the house has the potential to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents happening in the shower. Those who need extra assistance getting in and out of the tub or shower can benefit greatly from a handicap shower bar installation, as having a safety grab bar in the shower lessens the need to rely on others for help. Home Clean Home can install a handrail in a shower in order to help restore independence at home, by allowing more mobility in and out of the shower without relying on others.

Home Clean Home offers much more to our clients than other grab bar installation companies, providing flexible services for every need. All of the Home Clean Home MLTC Services are geared towards helping Managed Long Term Care recipients maintain a comfortable and healthy independent life at home. Our Grab Bar and Safety Rail Installation Services are perfect for clients with a limited range of motion, who don’t always have others available to assist lifting them in and out of bed, the shower, toilet, or tub. We can even install grab bars in a tile shower without damaging its appearance.

Our handicap shower bar installation services are a great way to improve safety and mobility in the home, especially the restroom, however we don’t stop there! We can provide a safety grab bar wherever it is needed, including toilet grab bar installation, to complement our handicap shower bar installation service. We also provide Temporary Stair Lift Rental and Stair Chair Lift Installation for those who need extra assistance gaining mobility at home. Home Clean Home is always happy to accommodate MLTC recipients who may need us to work with their insurance companies during service, whatever is needed to get the job done!

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