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Heavy Cleaning for MLTC Members

As a part of our MLTC Services, we offer heavy cleaning for MLTC members. Keeping the home clean when you are receiving medical assistance at home can be a challenge at times, but that does not mean that having a clean home on managed long term care is impossible!

Personalized Services:


Our heavy cleaning for MLTC members is just one of many ways that Home Clean Home assists recipients of managed long term care in maintaining a healthy independent life in their own homes. Thanks to our experience providing hoarding cleaning to NYC, our heavy house cleaning experts can develop unique solutions for our clients no matter what situation they are in. The hoarder home cleaning services that we offer have allowed us to be a full service heavy duty cleaning business, providing flexible and personalized services for everyone - especially our managed long term care clients who may require special accommodations.

The Home Clean Home Passover cleaning service includes everything you need to ensure that your home is Kosher in time for the holiday. Our team will clean the whole house from top to bottom, and even the smallest amounts of chamets will be accounted for. We will clean the home entirely, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms, and even the bathroom, locking away or discarding all chometz that we come across. All of our employees are bonded and insured, and trained in everything necessary to perform a thorough and complete Passover cleaning service. The Home Clean Home Pesach cleaning team can even clean out your car, or help you pack up any chamets that you might want to sell.

Because we are a heavy duty cleaning business, we thought it was only appropriate that we provide our heavy house cleaning services to those who could use an extra hand at home. Home Clean Home has over twenty years of experience providing heavy duty professional house cleaning services to NYC. You are in good hands with us!

Hoarder Home Cleaning Services:


By providing hoarder home cleaning services to recipients of managed long term care, we are able to restore the homes and lives of those who may not be able to handle the demanding physical labor of a heavy house cleaning on their own.

Medicaid and Medicare:


Because we provide heavy cleaning for MLTC members, we have a lot of experience assisting our clients when dealing with Medicaid and Medicare, or other insurance companies. We have been offering our assistance with MLTC and Medicare for as long as our MLTC services have existed. If our  heavy duty professional house cleaning services were suggested or prescribed to you by your doctor, then your insurance company will most likely want to get involved too. Home Clean Home is always happy to assist our managed long term care clients with all of their Medicaid and Medicare needs.

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