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Home Sweet Home! HCH, also known as Home Clean Home, will leave your abode feeling sweeter than it ever has before. We are a professional cleaning company in NYC, with over 2 decades of experience as a cleaning service. 

Founded by Israeli native Nicole Levine more than twenty years ago, we got our start as a simple cleaning company in Brooklyn with our Passover cleaning service. Since then, our cleaning service has grown to the corporate level, offering a cleaning service for every need.

Our Services:


The HCH cleaners can create a solution for every problem. It’s no wonder that when you hear “Home Sweet Home” you think of HCH cleaning company! Our team of highly trained, professional cleaners, lead by our field supervisor Hannan, can quickly transform any home into a paradise - no matter what the situation! Hannan, sometimes pronounced Chanan, guides our clients through each one of our cleaning services so that we can create customized solutions for their unique and individual needs.

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Clutter Cleaning: Thanks to our many years providing maids housekeeping services to Brooklyn and NYC, the Home Clean Home team is made up of clutter cleaning experts. Our professional organizers provide the very best in clutter cleaning and junk removal. We can help you get your home tidy in no time!


Bed Bug Extermination: We come across bed bugs fairly often during one of our maids housekeeping services, so we stepped up to the plate and became certified bed bug extermination professionals. Our bed bug extermination service is an all-in-one bed bug treatment that includes bed bug prep to help you get rid of bed bugs fast.


Heavy Duty Cleaning: As a WBE certified cleaning company, we are fully prepared to provide heavy duty cleaning services for both commercial and residential clients. Our heavy duty cleaning services are designed to be much more thorough than just a regular deep cleaning. This cleaning service will leave the entire property meticulously cleaned from the inside out!


Hoarders Cleaning: Our hoarders cleaning service combines all of the HCH cleaning services in order to provide a fully comprehensive solution for hoarders. Of all the cleaning services that we offer at HCH, this one will have you saying “Home Sweet Home” the most. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your hoarders cleaning needs, and can transform any home no matter the situation. We never judge, and we are always discreet.


Managed Long Term Care (MLTC): The HCH cleaning company also caters to recipients of managed long term care. We provide a variety of services for MLTC clients so the elderly and disabled can keep saying “Home Sweet Home” and live comfortable, independent lives. Each cleaning service mentioned above is available for our MLTC clients, as well as home modification services, DME installation, and assistance with Medicare.

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