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At Home Clean Home, we now offer our services as a passover cleaning company in Borough Park NY. Pesach cleaning and chametz removal is an incredibly meticulous and time-consuming process

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that requires a lot of care. In today’s world, many New Yorkers simply do not have the time to accurately perform a passover cleaning in their homes by themselves. Because we are a shomer sabbath cleaning company, you can trust the Home Clean Home team to get rid of chomets and properly prepare your home for the Passover season.


We operate as a passover cleaning company in Borough Park NY so that we can be at the heart of the Jewish community that we are so proud to serve. As a shomer sabbath cleaning company, we feel as though it is extremely important to do business in an area where we can be closest to our clients. Because we are a Jewish owned and operated cleaning company, our pesach cleaning services are the best in NYC.

There is no better Passover cleaning company in Borogh Park NY than Home 

Clean Home. We thoroughly train all of our bonded and insured employees in everything they need to know about Pesach cleaning and chamets removal. Not a single crumb will be left behind after our Passover cleaning services are complete. We will clean your entire home from top to bottom, locking away or vacuuming up all chometz, and  ensuring everything is Kosher for Passover.

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Our Passover cleaning services are offered throughout the entire New York metropolitan area and parts of New Jersey. For more information about Home Clean Home Passover preparation, Passover cleaning tips, or simply to ask us how to clean for Passover, call us at 718-627-5781 and we will be glad to help.

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