Restroom Cleaning Service:

The Home Clean Home Restroom Cleaning Service is perfect for getting a focused and detailed clean that will leave your bathroom sparkling. Our bathroom cleaning services can be tailored for both commercal businesses such as schools, buildings, stores, as well as churches. We use enzyme based products that cut the molecules that cause foul odors such as urine, and leave bathrooms smelling fresh always! The HCH Restroom cleaning services will ensure every inch of your bathroom, from top to bottom, is in its best condition.


During our restroom cleaning service, members of our team will use our powerful non-toxic, natural cleaning products to thoroughly deep clean every part of the bathroom, from the sinks and toilets to the walls and floors – paying special attention to the tiles and grout. We will clean thoroughly, and of course vigorously scrub and disinfect toilets until they shine.


Benefits of  Using a Restroom Cleaning Service:


Bathrooms can house illness-causing bacteria if left unattended, or not properly maintained. The HCH Restroom Cleaning Service guarantees a professional clean performed by experts who can disinfect and purify a bathroom to a higher standard than a single individual, making a healthier environment in the restroom. Our team can make mirrors, fixtures, and faucets sparkle and shine, and are trained to spot and mitigate even trace amounts of mold or mildew before the buildup gets out of hand. Of course, the icing on the cake is that our team can perform a bathroom cleaning to perfection while our clients sit back and relax!


HCH works on our clients’s schedules, and we can always tailor our Restroom Cleaning Services to best fir your needs. With keen attention to detail, our team can get any bathroom in tip-top shape at lightning speed! Whether a residence or a commercial building, the Home Clean Home Restroom Cleaning Service is the solution.


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