Clutter and Rubbish Removal. Hoarding Services NYC

October 9, 2016

Hoarders911 offers clutter and rubbish removal, hoarding services in NYC, and a comprehensive solution for hoarders. We have experience working with every kind of hoarding condition and have developed a comprehensive method and solution to help hoarders improve the quality of their life and regain control of their lives again.


Hoarders911 is an organization that specializes clutter and rubbish removal and helping hoarders in the New Your City metropolitan area. Services range from cleaning to extermination to construction and repair. Apart from clutter removal, trash removal, rubbish removal, we use a comprehensive hoarding solution to help hoarders with a number of services. Hoarders services provide specially trained experts who offer hoarding help while being sensitive to clients’ needs. The experts are based in NYC and are well trained in dealing with and removing clutter, trash removal, rubbish removal, and they use a special procedure for uncluttering the home.


Located in Brooklyn, NYC, the hoarding services offered by Hoarders911 includes a method that we developed to help every type of hoarding condition. Aside from clutter, trash, and rubbish removal, other hoarding services offered throughout NYC include:
• Declutter
• Rubbish Removal
• Clutter removal
• Initial organization
• Hoarding Extermination services and treatment 
• Paint, repair
• Restoration and construction
• Heavy duty cleaning
• House keeping services for up keeping

We treat each case with the highest sensitivity and no item will be tossed without permission. We work hand in hand with hoarders and would never judge our clients as we have seen every type of hoarding condition possible.  Hoarding is very common not only in NYC, but throughout the world.  Hoarding clean up and rubbish removal can be thereputic. This type of therapy, hoarding clean up, will help unclutter the home and unclutter lives. Clutter and rubbish removal services may help declutter the mind, so feel free to inquire about our hoarding services in NYC. Our specialists use a comprehensive method, which we developed for hoarding cleaning, clutter remove, trash removal,  and rubbish removal, home uncluttering, and thorough hoarding services throughout NYC.

The hoarding services provided by Hoarders911 are more than just a hoarding cleaning services in NYC or a one- time hoarder clean- up, we truly provide tools that teach suffering individuals in the NYC area for uncluttering the home, and maintain cleanliness moving forward. Clutter, trash, and rubbish removal can have a positive mental impact on people. Experts believe that uncluttering the home helps uncluttering the mind.


Our hoarder extermination services in NYC include:

• Bed bugs extermination

• Rats extermination

• Mice extermination

• Cockroach extermination

• Roaches extermination

• Ants extermination

• Flies extermination

• Bee extermination

• Bedbug dog services

• Bed bugs preparation and treatment services 

• Bedbugs treatment

• Bedbugs control

• Bedbugs removal

• Bed bugs laundry treatment 

• Pest control services in NYC


The bed bugs treatment products we use for natural extermination are stain scent free. Hoarders911 partnered with Hygea Natural, a bed bugs product manufacturer and all products that they manufacture are natural. Green bed bugs extermination treatment is incredibly important since much of the chemical products currently available are chemicals that are unsafe to breathe. Many people use the terms organic bed bug killer and organic bed bug treatment interchangeably. Organic and green are not quite the same. We offer green bedbugs treatment, however, organic is a term that is loosely used in the industry with very little proof of it being actually organic. Our green bedbugs services are performed by one of the best bed bugs exterminator in NYC:

• green bed bug treatment

• green bed bug solutions

• green bed bug removal 


One of the best natural bed bugs spray we use is called the Bedbug911 exterminator by Hygea Natural. Furthermore, we use one of the best bed bug mattress encasement as well as one of the leading and best bed bug mattress protectors. Part of our extermination Bedbugs treatment include bed bugs preparation for extermination. The green bedbugs extermination products we use include:

• Natural Bed bugs spray

• Bed bug mattress encasements

• Bed bug mattress cover

• Bed bugs laundry treatment

• Bed bug travel spray

• All purpose pest cleaner


Hoarding is a mental condition and hoarders have something known as disposophobia, or fear of disposal or removing items. In hoarding situations, clutter is the result of not removing and disposing of those items. Therefore, by uncluttering the home and removing the clutter and rubbish can help hoarders improve their condition. Our experts have dealt with countless hoarding cases in NYC and know how to deal with clutter, and of course, how to help hoarders.

Hoarder services vary based on the hoarding condition. Similarly, hoarding treatment is made based on an assessment of the condition. We service the 5 boroughs of NYC and parts of NJ.  For more information about clutter and rubbish removal, or about other hoarding services in NYC feel free to give us a call at 1718-627-5781 or visit our website at For product information or to contact Hygea Natural, our partner and manufacturer of pest control products visit

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