Hoarding Cleaning Services

October 14, 2016

Hoarders911, our sister company, offers a discreet range of hoarding cleaning services. They are located in Brooklyn, NY, and provide services to the entire New York City metropolitan area. Hoarders911 provides hoarding cleaning services based on the type of hoarding condition that clients have. After careful evaluation, a diagnosis of the hoarding condition is made, and a solution is developed.


Animal hoarding is a hoarding condition where hoarders live with many animals (more than five in NYC). This may start out as rescuing of animals, or simply a display of love towards animals. However, the situation becomes out of control when the living means limit the quality of life for the animals. Hoarders911 can provide help by finding homes for the animals, and improving living conditions for all parties involved.


Diogenes suffers have a social disorder that involves hoarding trash. Unfortunately, patients often neglect to socialize with others, and the hoarding problem goes unnoticed. This issue can result in waste decaying in the home, and in turn, additional health issues.  Hoarders911 can help by carefully working with the sufferer, tending do his needs, and building enough trust to obtain permission to remove waste from the home.


Recycling hoarders begin collecting with wonderful intentions of sorting through various types of recyclables, and either reusing them, or receiving cash back for turning them in for reuse. While recycling is an environmentally friendly deed, hoarding onto recyclables is not. In fact, this action prevents the reusable objects from being reused in the first place. It also causes clutter in the home. Hoarders911 can help by discussing the seriousness of the situation with the collector, finding good use for the recyclables, and bringing help for hoarders for home uncluttering.


Compulsive collectors have unmanageable amounts of goods. This can include many repetitive items in the collection, or items that no longer bring joy to the compulsive collector. Hoarders911 sorts through these items, and works with the collector to look at each piece independently, rather than at the entire bundle. This allows the compulsive collector to decide which items may be best to turn in for a profit. Hoarders911 works to obtain tangible funds back to the hoarder, rather than simply resorting in discarding in the dumpster.


Compulsive shoppers are your standard shop-a-holics. While shopping may be a necessary activity, it is an addiction for some. This addiction can result in living issues due to credit card debt, and piles of unneeded materials. Hoarders911 can assist by sorting through the piles, wrapping up and sending off unused items as gifts, as well as selling unneeded products for a profit.

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