Heavy Duty Cleaning

October 14, 2016


Hoarders911, Home Clean Home’s sister company, is a professional heavy duty cleaning and hoarding clean up company that offers junk removal services and home uncluttering.  We are located in Brooklyn, NY, and service the New York City metropolitan area, including: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, and parts of New Jersey.


Hoarders911 is experienced with various hoarding conditions and is fully equipped and prepared for every hoarder house. We have worked with clients with compulsive hoarding, animal hoarding, mail hoarding, and trash hoarding; there is no mess we haven’t seen.


Our hoarding clean up and junk removal services are discreet and non-judgmental. We arrive in an unmarked car and eared the trust needed for sensitive situations. We offer both cleaning services and extermination services. The bed bug extermination product we use is all natural scent free, and safe to use. Bedbug911, recently from the  extermination product manufacturer. We have a green steam vacuum by Bedbug911.


Many times, when one is living in hoarding conditions, the least favorable thing to do is have anyone in the home. Therefore, if a hoarder is suffering from a bed bug infestation, they most likely will not call an exterminator since that would require first cleaning the house in order for the exterminator to do get to work. This leads to the infestation only worsening and living amongst bedbugs. Thats why Hoarders911 is a very unique service, because they offer many hoarder services under one roof. They offer bedbugs extermination, mice and rats extermination, roach extermination, junk removal services and rubbish removal, home decluttering, laundry treatment, as well as heavy duty cleaning,


Hoarders911 has helped families gain control of their lives through uncluttering their home with heavy duty cleaning. The mixes of removing clutter from the home, heavy-duty cleaning, and junk removal can have a powerful impact. Home uncluttering helps unclutter the mind, and more in control of ones life.

For more information about serves, feel free to give them a call at 1718-627-5781 or visit them online at www.hoarders911.com

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