Treatment for Hoarding

October 15, 2016


Treatment for hoarding is difficult to seek out, but help is available. Individuals who request help for their hoarding problem are making the first step towards a change, and should be recognized. Hoarding disorder treatment is available through Hoarders911; an organization that compassionately works with sufferers to determine the exact type of hoarding disorder they have, and go through their collections piece by piece. Hoarders911 would never get rid of a hoarded item without receiving permission from the client.  Help is here.

Hoarders911 begin by diagnosing the hoarding disorder, working with the hoarder to free up the home (by either giving items away as gifts, recycling them, or selling them online), and cleaning the home, all while providing treatment for hoarding. Often times hoarders experience pest infestations such as bed bugs in their homes due to trash, mold, abundance of animals, and other reasons stemming back to their collections. The condition of the home must be treated as gently as the initial work with the sufferer.

Hoarders911 utilizes Hygea Natural products to provide all natural, chemical free solutions to sufferers. Hoarders’ homes are cleaned with environmentally friendly, stain free solutions, and are treated with preventative care products to ensure long term cleanliness.  Experts at Hoarders911 often work with bed bug eradication, and utilize BedBug911 for immediate treatment. Sufferers in the New York City Metropolitan area have solutions available to them, for hoarding treatment. These bed bug services include in pest extermination services, tending to laundry with natural and effective bed bug cleaners, applying bed bug mattress case encasements to all beds in the home, and spraying bed bug spray to offer protection and prevention for future infestations.


Treatment for hoarding is available. If someone you know who is suffering, please visit Hoarders911, and reach out to specialist who is available to help treat the hoarding disorder. We specialize in animal hoarding, recycling hoarding, compulsive hoarding, and more. Hoarders911 provides a seamless and worry- free service that helps hoarders with all aspects of hoarding in their homes.  Trust us. We are here for you.

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