Passover Cleaning in New York: Chametz Removal Service

October 14, 2016

It’s almost that time of year.

In 2014, Passover begins the evening of Monday, April 14th.

Since 1993, we have serviced the Jewish community throughout the New York metropolitan area. Home Clean Home is a Jewish-owned company and the leading Pesach-cleaning service.

We’ve serviced apartments. We’ve cleaned houses. We’ve cleaned synagogues and offices and factories. We’ve even cleaned restaurants and have washed cars for Passover.


Chametz (Chometz) Removal in NYC


Pesach is an opportunity to clean your entire house. We’re happy to do that. We’ll get down on our hands and knees and make your house shine. It’ll smell fresher than it’s ever smelled before.

When we focus on chametz removal, we typically:

  • Search for crumbs underneath your cushions, in the pockets of your pants and in your coats. We look in each bedroom and closet. As each room is cleaned and declared chametz-free, it’s called Pesachdik. Technically, no further eating is allowed in that room prior to Passover.

  • “Kasher” your dining room and kitchen areas by using boiling water, soap and a whole lot of scrubbing. After this process, your tables are covered until Pesach begins.

  • Empty, wash and scrub your refrigerator and freezer to remove all chametz.

  • Clean and put away your non-Passover dishes, utensils, silverware, pots, etc.

  • “Kasher” your stove and oven. We do a deep clean, inside and outside, of the stove tops and racks. We can also turn your stove and oven on the highest setting for an extended period of time to ensure everything is clean. We can clean your microwave as well with boiling water.

  • Scour the sink, other appliances and your kitchen counters with boiling water.

  • Clean any other part of the house you’d like us to clean. We follow whatever Jewish traditions you’d like us to.

Why Should I Use Home Clean Home for Chametz (Chometz) Removal in NYC?


We’ve serviced the Jewish New York Metropolitan area for over two decades. Our extensive experience dealing with different sects of Judaism allows us to follow your personal needs. We’re quick and professional and very affordable.

Our company is Jewish-owned, and our staff is well trained in Passover cleaning. A manager leads each team. We are bonded, insured and uniformed.

We also use eco-friendly, all-natural supplies and equipment.

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