Best Hoarder Services in NYC

October 15, 2016


What makes Hoarders911 the best hoarder services in NYC? The specialized method that we developed to help hoarders and we have been the leading hoarding service in New York City for over 20 years offering a comprehensive hoarding solution. We have treated every kind of hoarding condition possible and do not judge our clients. Hoarding is a mental condition, and some hoarders reflect signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In this case, hoarding behavior is driven by obsessively and compulsively collecting a certain item or set of items and have difficulty letting go of it.

Individuals who hoard have something known as Disposaphobia, a fear of getting rid of items. The fear itself is a mental disorder, just like obsessive- compulsive disorder, that forces individuals to behave in certain ways, beyond their control. Luckily, there is help.

We specialize in assisting hoarders in the New Your City metropolitan area with everything from cleaning to extermination services to construction and repair. We offer clutter and rubbish removal as well as comprehensive hoarding services. Hoarders services provide specially trained experts who offer hoarding help while being sensitive to clients’ needs. It is for this reason why we are considered the best hoarder services in NYC.

Our services begins by explaining what a hoarder is, to the caller. Whether it is a concerned family or friend calling in, our specialists discusses loved ones who are showing signs of Disposaphobia, and how that attachment may be impacting the house as a whole.  Hoarder homes often accumulate over years, and sometimes, even decades, worth of possessions. Therefore, there are piles and mountains of items being hoarded, and it is important to act before hoarding becomes a health hazard.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Hoarders911 uses a method that we developed to help every type of hoarding condition. Aside from rubbish and clutter removal, other hoarding services we offer throughout NYC include:

• Declutter

• Rubbish Removal

• Initial organization

• Extermination services (pest control, bed bugs extermination, rats, and all types of exterminator services)

• Paint, repair

• Restoration and construction

• Heavy duty cleaning

• House keeping services for up keeping


We treat each case with the highest sensitivity and no item will be tossed without permission. This type of therapy will help unclutter homes and unclutter lives. Clutter and rubbish removal may help de clutter the mind, so feel free to inquire about our hoarding services in NYC. Furthermore,  have a line of green cleaning products as well as natural bed bug extermination products for those who are interested. We manufacture and use our own supplies so you can be assured that they are effective.

The hoarding services provided by Hoarders911 are more than just one of the best hoarder cleaning services in NYC or a one- time hoarder clean- up, they truly provide tools that teach suffering individuals in the NYC area to unclutter houses, and maintain cleanliness moving forward. For more information feel free to call us at 1718-627-5781 or visit and be the judge of whether or not we are the best hoarder cleaning services in NYC for yourself.

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