Clutter Cleaning

October 14, 2016


Clutter cleaning services, performed by Hoarders911, our hoarding specialty department, and we were rated NYC’s top clutter clean up services. Hoarders911 is located in Brooklyn, NY, and services he entire NYC metropolitan area, as well as New Jersey. We specialize in:

Heavy duty cleaning
Rubbish removal
Trash clean up
Hoarder clean up
Junk clean up


NYC’s finest cleaners, who have been expertly trained in working with even the toughest messes, perform each service. Our staff has seen it all: from trash hoarders, to move out clutter, to moldy rubbish.


NYC residents are very busy, and often have limited time to dedicate towards organizing their homes. It is very important to have a reliable, non-judgmental cleaner on hand, when needed. Each service performed by NYC’s Hoarders911 includes service with a judgement-free cleaner with years of experience on the field. The same cleaning staff, whether cleaning daily or weekly, performs consistently scheduled, clutter cleaning services, each time.


Hoarder clutter cleaning services are our specialty, as hoarding is a psychological need to hold onto items, which in turn, creates clutter. There are a variety of hoarders that could benefit from Hoarders911 cleaning services. NYC clutter cleaning services are performed for:

Animal hoarding- An animal hoarder often begins collecting animals out of the kindness of his heart. Unfortunately, this hoarder often begins to lose control of the animals, as he obtains more animals than he can afford to take care of. Animals cause rubbish and junk pile up, which requires NYC’s clutter cleaning services from Hoarders911.

Diogenes sufferers- A Diogenes sufferer hoarder has a social disorder that encourages trash collection, and refraining from meeting with others. This issue often results in decayed rubbish that requires immediate attention from NYC’s clutter cleaning services at Hoarders911, as moldy trash collection can result in health hazards.

Compulsive collectors- A compulsive collector is a hoarder who has an unmanageable amount of goods. Stored items no longer bring joy to the hoarder, as the hoarder has no use for them. Hoarders911 cleaning services can assist with goods management and clutter cleaning.
Recycling hoarder- A recycling hoarder begins collecting recyclables with the intention of sorting through them, and appropriately recycling each piece. Unfortunately, the job continuously goes undone, and recycling clutter occurs. NYC’s clutter cleaners, Hoarders 911, can help manage the clutter by sorting through the recyclable objects, and de-cluttering homes.

Compulsive shopping- A compulsive shopper is a standard NYC’s shop-a-holic. As there as so many places to spend money in this beautiful city, this hoarder often makes excuses for his habits, such as: this will be a gift, or I will wear it next season. Unfortunately, items begin to pile up and go unused, while the hoarder continues shopping. NYC’s clutter cleaning service through Hoarders911 can help gift, donate, use, or remove the cluttered items from the hoarder’s home.

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