Steam Cleaning NYC

April 19, 2017

Home Clean Home provides the best steam cleaning in NYC.

The steam cleaning services that we offer provide a variety of solutions for all of your cleaning needs. President and founder of the HCH Cleaning Company Nicole Levine believes in providing comprehensive services that approach cleaning from many different angles in order to deliver the very best cleaning services possible. By implementing the versatile nature of steam cleaning, we give NYC a natural and powerful solution for many different situations.


Steam Cleaning for Bed Bugs


Steam cleaning for bed bugs can eradicate a large percentage of infestation without even using one bed bug extermination product. Our industrial bed bug steamer reaches temperatures so hot it can kill bed bugs on contact, destroying any eggs that may have been laid. Steam cleaning for bed bugs is an important part of preparing for bed bug extermination. Preparing for bed bug extermination is the best way to ensure a successful bed bug treatment. Home Clean Home offers bed bug prep services like steam treatment, bed bug laundry, and more.


Steam Cleaning Furniture


Steam cleaning furniture is a great way to give your upholstery a deep clean. Steam cleaning the couch, for example, will penetrate the fibers with high temperature steam that will disinfect and clean well below the surface. Eliminate odors from the couch, chair, and upholstery with the Home Clean Home steam cleaning furniture service.


Steam Cleaning Carpet and Hardwood Floors.


Just like steam cleaning the couch, steam cleaning the carpet will provide a deep clean to fibers underneath the surface where odor causing bacteria might be hiding. Steam cleaning the carpet helps it stay fresh and like new for longer, and can help protect against allergies and airborne illness. Hardwood floors can also benefit from steam cleaning. Cleaning in between hard to reach cracks and crevices is easy when steam cleaning hardwood floors. Steam cleaning hardwood floors will clean and disinfect parts of the floor that simply sweeping and mopping will not.

For more information about our Steam Cleaning NYC services call: 718-627-5781

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