4 bathroom cleaning hacks

January 5, 2018

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"Everyone likes a clean bathroom, but no one likes cleaning the bathroom. These bathroom cleaning hacks will help you save some serious elbow grease, while leaving your shower, sink, and commode sparkling.


1) Tackle Gross Grout


You don’t need to painstakingly scrub grout with baking soda, vinegar, and a toothbrush when it gets stained. Simply coat it with a Clorox bleach pen, let it sit for several hours, then wash it away for bright white grout.


2) Wash Away Shower Curtain Grime


If you’ve been cleaning your shower curtain liner by hand, or tossing it and buying a new liner each time it builds up gunk, you need this hack in your life. Next time the liner builds up grime, toss it in the washing machine on cold, then hang it up and let it dry.


3) Fizz Away Clogged Drains


Alka-Seltzer isn’t just the miracle product that got you through all those mornings after college parties. It also does double duty as a bathroom cleaner. Clear your clogged drain by dropping a tablet or two of Alka-Seltzer down, pouring in vinegar, waiting a few minutes, then rinsing with water. Clean your toilet bowl by dropping in a couple of tablets, allowing them to fizz, then running a wand around the bowl.


4) Get Rid of Hard Water Deposits


Your shower head can build up crusty hard water deposits over time, which reduce pressure (and don’t look great either). Clear them out by filling a plastic bag with white, distilled vinegar and placing it around your shower head using a rubber band."


Source: http://jg-tc.com/lifestyles/home-and-garden/bathroom-cleaning-hacks/article_79adf70e-1d21-5bbe-a8e2-cc8b5d9cfa78.html

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