Have one drawer for different things, be ruthless and 'never close the door for school run on a dirty place': Mother-of-six under the age of six reveals how she keeps her house clean

March 5, 2018

Originally sourced from Daily Mail


"A busy mother-of-six has revealed how she keeps her house ordered and clean 


Krechelle Carter, from Adelaide, said she opts for tidiness over cleanliness


She said is strict about making sure her kids always picked up after themselves


 She also said she doesn't vacuum every day but does a deep clean once a week




A busy mother with six children under the age of six has revealed how she keeps her house in order despite the chaos of family life.


Krechelle Carter of Adelaide not only runs a hectic household, but she also manages to make sure her home never looks anything but picture perfect.


The 27-year-old who blogs under Eight At Home, and who is renowned for taking a humorous approach to family life, recently shared how she manages the mess. 

Here, the mother-of-six children under the age of six, reveals her tricks for dealing with daily chores and how she stays organised among it all. 



The South Australian mum isn't one for picking up after her kids and said she lives by the rule 'kids help'.


'We paint, we build blocks, we get muddy outside; the kids can have tons of messy fun but they must clean up after themselves, always,' Mrs Carter wrote on her blog.


'Toys go back away, dirty clothes go in the wash and clean clothes go in their allotted spots.'


As well as the basics, Mrs Carter said her children were also tasked with dressing themselves, putting their dirty clothes in the wash basket and making their beds.


'I'm not a slave driver. But they have responsibilities and for the most part; they enjoy them,' she added.



Mrs Carter revealed keeping her house looking organised came down to being ruthless with what she kept and what she threw away. 


She said: 'I only have pots and pans I use regularly, I have minimal furniture, enough blankets for each person in the house but we don't have useless s***.'


Mrs Carter said while she allows the family one 'c**p drawer' to keep various bits and pieces in, everything else that's not properly stored, or is broken, gets thrown out. 


'If it doesn't make you happy, you don’t use it regularly; you do not need it.

'Maybe someone else does?'.



While it might sound simple, Mrs Carter said her trick for making sure everything is properly stored helps restore order and stops her home from becoming a jumbled mess. 

'Organisation is key,' she wrote on her blog. 


'We have a blanket cupboard, a dinosaur storage box, an art storage box, a gift wrapping area, a vaccuum cupboard, a cleaning cupboard; you get the picture.'



Many parents with young children will understand how difficult it is making it out of the house for a school run without forgetting anything important. 


As well as making sure her brood gets to school on time, the busy mum also said she 'doesn't close the door on a dirty house'.


'I make sure the kids have tidied their rooms and made their beds.'


'If they mess the lounge playing forts in the morning, they tidy it up as we walk out the door.


'The sink and benches must be clear and washing swapped first thing.'


And Mrs Carter revealed she gets the bulk of this done by 7.20am. She said this means she can step out of the house by 8.20am knowing her home, for the most part, is in order.



While Mrs Carter believes it's important to have a daily tidying routine, she said once a week she will clean her house thoroughly.


She explained this takes about two hours and during this time she will do floors, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, bedding, wipe over furniture, fridges and microwaves.


'Turn the music up for deep clean day; I love Saturday mornings; and just get it done,' she explained.



Running the vacuum cleaner through the house is often an easy way to get on top of the mess.


But this isn't something Mrs Carter believes needs to be done constantly, and said that she instead she will sweep, and use a mop that also sprays disinfectant on the floor. 

Jokingly, the mum of six said she has dubbed her mop 'Peter' and said he's 'one of her best friends.'


'I use him after dinner. And after spills and lollipops. And then I throw the cloth that attaches to the bottom in the wash.'



Though some might consider it a luxury, the creative mother said she swears by the power of scented candles to bring a luxurious touch.


The mum-of-six swears by the power of scented candles to bring a luxurious touch

'A sweet scent is as inviting as fresh throw pillows. They make your house feel fresh. They make it smell like apples.'


She also said on occasion she wasn't shy about breaking out a deodorising aerosol spray and using this in combination with a scented candle if it had been a particularly 'bad morning.'


And while Mrs Carter stands by the many benefits of having a tidy home, she also understands it's just as important to allow her kids to enjoy a 'messy life'.


'Some of my best memories from when I was a kid was sitting in a three week old sheet fort I built in my parents lounge room surrounded by food crumbs watching Harry Potter.

'A clean house does not make memories.' she concluded. 'But staying on top of things gives you more time to make memories.'"