March 4, 2019

"In cleaning for Passover, we are first and foremost fulfilling the mitzvah of biur chametz -- getting rid of chametz. Biur chametz is actually quite an easy mitzvah in terms of physical exertion. The Torah says: "tashbisu se'or mibateichem" -- make all your sour dough rest. The Torah commandment is that you can possess all the chametz you want, but in your mind it must be dust -- ownerless and valueless.


Now obviously we are dealing with something subtle and vague. What goes on in your mind, no one knows except you and God. It's quite easy to think you have considered everything "null and void," when in truth you can't wait for Passover to be over so you can partake of all those goodies!


So the Sages instituted a requirement to physically destroy chametz. This mitzvah is known as bedikat chametz. The Sages say it is not enough to emotionally write the chametz off as "dust"; you must actually search out any chametz you can find -- and physically destroy it." 




Stress of Passover preparations and cleaning


Leave the stress of Passover preparations and cleaning to us, a professional shomer shabbat Passover cleaning company for over two decades. A team of bonded, insured, uniformed and trained professionals offer unparalleled cleaning services. The founder of Home Clean Home (HCH), Nicole Levine, was born in Israel, and therefore knows the Halachot, or Jewish laws, involved with cleaning for Pesach


In preparation for Pesach, we will take apart, clean, and put back together the whole house. From scouring the kitchen to vacuuming, from flipping mattresses to cleaning under and behind, we do it all. The HCH crew will pack away all the chometz, and all of your kitchen cabinets, stove, oven and fridge with a white glove and Q-tip to make sure that there is no trace of chometz. There is always at least one Hebrew speaking staff member on site.



We will even shake the seforim and clothes pockets. Some people wonder, why should we clean books? Some people pray at the table after eating, or eat while reading, and therefore, the book may have traces of chametz. This is the reason why it is important to air out books during the pesach cleaning ritual.



 Click HERE to Schedule A Passover Deep Cleaning!!!!!



Please view our Passover Car Cleaning Services page for more information about services

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