5 Real-Life Lessons to avoid being Hoarder

July 1, 2019

Article originally written by NANCY MITCHELL source from AprtmentTherapy


1. Have a place for everything

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Almost a cliche, but still some of the best organizing advice out there. A bit of further suggestion: If you have lots of things in limbo on tables or countertops or the floor and are struggling to find places for them, maybe you need more places. This is where clear plastic shoe boxes or a filing cabinet or maybe just a console with lots and lots of drawers can come in handy.


2. Don’t underestimate the importance of a junk drawer

This is the other side of the coin to the commandment above. Every household has those little things — pens, tape, twist ties, whatnot — that get used a lot but don’t really have any logical place to go. Instead of agonizing over finding a home for every little thing, keep a junk drawer. The last few little bits of clutter get swept in there, and you’re done.


3. Become a habitual putter-awayer

This is probably the hardest part of this whole list for me; the “everything in its place” part of commandment no. 3. I try to tell myself that it’s a sort of game, kind of like a shape sorter for adults. Put the bottle opener back in the drawer! Hang that skirt you didn’t wear back in the closet! But ultimately, I think the easiest way to make sure you put things away is just to do it, and then keep on doing it until it’s so habitual that you wouldn’t ever think of not doing it. When you see how much better your home looks, you’ll be that much more motivated to keep fighting the good fight.


4. Stop clutter before it enters your home with a landing strip

Even if you’re conscientious about what you buy, it’s easy for clutter to sneak its way into your home in the form of junk mail, freebies, what have you. That’s why setting up a landing strip by the front door is so brilliant: Clutter has to come into your home somewhere, and you can stop it right at the source.



5. Forgive yourself and try again

Remember that nobody is perfect, and nobody’s home is perfect. Even the homes you see in the magazines aren’t perfect — it took a whole team of stylists to make them that way. So if you have an off week, or two weeks, or month, and suddenly your house is a disaster, don’t panic. It’s never too late to forgive yourself and try again.




Source: "https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/the-10-commandments-of-a-clutterfree-life-211599"

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