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Cleaning Urine Smells Carpet

Cleaning urine smells from the carpet is no easy task. Whether left behind by a pet accident or a potty-training toddler, once the urine odors set in the carpet, it can be tough to get them out. The best way to clean urine smells from the carpet is with the Home Clean Home professional carpet cleaning services. Our team of specialized carpet cleaners are experts in carpet urine odor removal, and will get your carpets, rugs, and home smelling fresh and clean again in no time.

The Home Clean Home carpet cleaning and urine removal services can rescue any carpet from even the toughest urine odors. The scent of urine odor in the carpet is enough to drive anyone crazy, but our professional carpet cleaning services are perfect for cleaning urine smells from the carpet quickly and without any hassle. Our team can have the carpets clean, dry, and urine-free within three hours of completion, so if you need to remove urine odors from your carpet fast (and you should), we are definitely the company from you.


Our carpet cleaning products and methods are always non-toxic and environmentally conscious. In order to safely and effectively remove urine odor from the carpet, the Home Clean Home professional carpet cleaning team uses the Hygea Natural Stain & Odor Remover. The Hygea Natural Stain & Odor Remover is the best product to use when treating carpets with stubborn stains – and especially for urine odor removal. The Home Clean Home carpet cleaners use this Hygea Natural product in combination with our carpet steam cleaning services, for a perfect clean every time.


If you’ve encountered any accidents on your throw rugs, Home Clean Home makes cleaning urine from the rug easy with our area rug drop off laundry service. We can pick up, launder, and drop off any area rug for urine odor removal in a timely fashion. Our area rug laundry service always works on your schedule, so there is never a need to stress. Home Clean Home is dedicated to providing convenient and effective carpet cleaning services to all of our clients, and we take extra care whenever carpet urine odor removal is necessary. We understand how important it is to have a clean home that smells fresh, and tailor our carpet cleaning services to make cleaning urine smells out of the carpet as simple and accessible as possible for all who need the assistance. 

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